Boy – Girl

It is an axiom since you can remember:

Boys don’t cry.

Girls don’t swear.

So you bite your lip when hurt wells up inside

and you bite your tongue when you want to scream aloud

until you forget to remember what it’s like

to be you

and feel

and live like you own your soul.


But I say let your eyes grow foggy with the mist that chokes you up

Let your mouth run wild and scream “fuck you” through bare teeth

Let the soft, tender side that’s grown moldy

-kept in the dark as it has been-

Peer into the sunlight

Let the angry, furious fire you’ve smothered

in one long, agonizing keeping of your breath

Burn its way to the surface

You are allowed to feel.

You are allowed to be.

So feel. And be.


And every so often, let your body shake with the torrent of your tears,

Flip a finger with a vicious smile at the keepers of tradition.

You are allowed that, too.

Motherhood – Part II

Motherhood – Part II This is your body soft like a pillow like the place she would want to lay her head and dream how easy to make her smile with the fullness of your curves This is your body its scars make up a map she reads like Braille this is where […]

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Motherhood – Part I – by E.N. LOIZIS

Being a mother is the most amazing, beautiful, fulfilling task I have ever taken over. It makes life prettier, more meaningful and joyful.

It is also fucking terrifying…




No-one warns you of the fear

simmering underneath your skin

like a fever

burning you up

No one tells you of the nightmares

when wide-awake

when deep in sleep

So how could you know before…

…before you were a walking heart

pulsating in full display

all red and soft

all tender tissue

exposed flesh

pumping blood

No one says

you no longer belong to yourself

When you learn how to love

with such abundance

such disregard

for your ego

everything becomes a gift

And you heart

-that mushy muscle,

that engine of love-

is growing bigger

with her every breath

They never tell you

nothing will ever feel safe

you’ve seen too much of the world,

you know

They never say

bedtime stories fight your monsters

walking in the shadows

creeping in the sun

You weild the axe

that ends the Wolf

You tear into its flesh


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Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology – Envy available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon

It is out, it is loaded and it is shiny! The third volume in the SDS series is finally here, with sixteen stories that will satisfy all tastes. You can buy it on Amazon as an eBook or a paperback. …

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Wild Thing – by E.N. LOIZIS

Several months ago I wrote a poem inspired by my perception of beauty. Not beauty in the typical photoshopped-to-look-like-what-magazines-and-tv-deem-aesthetically-pleasing sense, but beauty as strength, individuality, courage. All those things that shine through a smile or the way someone speaks about something they love.
I have a daughter now, so I can’t afford to let her think of herself the way I thought of myself growing up. I will do everything in my power to make her understand that she is beautiful no matter what the world will have her believe. And I know the world will try.

So here it is. Kelly Coody was kind enough to accept and publish it and I am very happy to be able to share it with you all.


Wild Thing

She was beauty

in the way she ran

through a poppy field


red bleeding around,

hair ablaze with the kiss

of the midday sun

framing her face

in liquid gold

She was beauty

in the way she laughed

from the belly

from the shoulders

from the heart,

lips soft

teeth sharp

eyes alight

with a furious hunger

She was beauty

in the way she dove

head first

into the sea

into the moment

into life

hands stretched

grasping in eager want

wanting in every way

She was beauty

in the way she spoke

words shooting

from a feral tongue

to the beat

of her swelling heart

forever growing  with wonder

a universe expanding within

She was beauty

She belonged to the stars

to their time-defying light

to the firmament above…

so vast

so painfully

not mine

not yours

not ours

like all Beauty

she was no man’s

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I cannot stress enough how much I love Ani King’s writing. Check out her poems at and while you’re at it, read all of her other stories as well.


#feministasfuck: #15, #thisbody, #comfort

by Ani King


Do not go gentle into that fucking boardroom

In your good-girl skirt

And your yes-sir shoes

And your I’m-sorry shirt

            as if you’ve done something wrong

            in being right.

Ingenuity is not accident

There is no shame in your bright, sharp mind

Let others cut themselves on the edge of your ideas

While they clamor to steal them

hide them in their pockets

as if you’ve done something wrong

in being right.



Others might describe her as pale and freckled

I say she is the night sky in reverse

She is a holy map of secret constellations

            I follow them from limb to limb

                        to mouth

Others might say that she has red hair

I say she is a woman burning

She is a fire in the dark

            I follow her light to tangled


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Cover reveal – Seven Deadly Sins YA Anthology: Envy

I was having a discussion with my husband the other day about envy. He claimed all people are envious of others. Always. It doesn’t have to be malicious or turn into an obsession that will slowly but surely eat away at the host of the envious parasite, but it’s there. It might be just the fact that your neigbour has a better apartment than you. Or that your colleague travels all over the world. Or that a friend has more free time to spend with his family. The question is, do you let these thoughts become obessions, or let them pass knowing that you are actually very happy with your life?

It was a good discussion. Much unlike the one we had yesterday when I told him how devastated I was about a recent rejection I received. His answer was “You know, a lot of people write.”

Not all conversations are hits obviously.

Today though, I get to forget about how difficult writing is sometimes, because I can finally share with you the cover for the Envy Volume of Seven Deadly Sins – A YA Anthology—a love project by Scribophile writers. It is done once again by Luke Spooner, a.k.a. Carrion House and looks just as gorgeous as the other two.

This volume contains sixteen great stories, written by new, as well as some writers you might recognize from previous volumes, and I’m not exaggarating when I say it has it all: cavemen, ghosts, humans, selkies…take your pick!

The release date will be announced soon, but until then, feast your eyes on this!

Envy Front Cover