Story a Day in May – Days 2+3

Really flowery poem in the making.
Really flowery poem in the making.

Story a Day in May started on May 1st and I am already behind. Being a creative person though, I thought of a way to  merge the prompts of Day 2 and 3 and write something combining them both, i.e. prepare yourself for a somewhat free  magnetic poetry session using, amongst others, the words “vermillion” and “musky”.

Because that is how a writer do.

Don’t shoot the pianist, or throw tomatoes at her. This is my first attempt at poetry after a looong time. You may laugh inwardly at my inability to rhyme properly.

I won’t hold it against you. Really. I won’t.


Her sordid rose

bleeds vermillion drops

in the scouring rain

The sky cracks

and twists

its sympony frantic

— black

its beauty sour

with rage

He says her dreams

are ugly

and so is her heart

but she loves him

… still

for the waxy taste of his sweat

on her skin

for his urge in the dark

to pick her apart

and feast on the bones of her will

After the storm

her languid remnants

tired with

delirious lust


under a dying moon

and she sleepwalks

in the windstricken garden

where her rose lays bare

on a rock

the early-morning dew

a memory of the wind

and the anger

and the fleeting warmth of his whisper

in the night

the petals scattered

the stem devoured

Forever his for the picking.

Forever hers for offering up.

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