Why your boyfriend/neighbor/cat will hate Glass Animals

… not the little figurines your mom collects and places at strategic positions all over the house. No. (It’s no secret everyone hates those).

I’m talking about the band from Oxford.

The guys that combine the sensitivity of The xx with Massive Attack-ian grooves (just listen to Exxus) or and hip-hop sensibilities that remind you more of Tupac than of Kanye.

I fell in love with them long before I knew who they were. I heard Psylla last year and immediately I was transported into a dark forest searching for unicorns, while everything I did –every movement, every thought– seemed to happen backwards … Wait, what?

Their new EP, “Gooey” has been playing non-stop ever since I discovered it. It has been playing while I work. While I cook. While I write. My husband has developed a deep aversion towards Glass Animals already.

It’s okay. I love them enough for the both of us.

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