Boy – Girl

It is an axiom since you can remember:

Boys don’t cry.

Girls don’t swear.

So you bite your lip when hurt wells up inside

and you bite your tongue when you want to scream aloud

until you forget to remember what it’s like

to be you

and feel

and live like you own your soul.


But I say let your eyes grow foggy with the mist that chokes you up

Let your mouth run wild and scream “fuck you” through bare teeth

Let the soft, tender side that’s grown moldy

-kept in the dark as it has been-

Peer into the sunlight

Let the angry, furious fire you’ve smothered

in one long, agonizing keeping of your breath

Burn its way to the surface

You are allowed to feel.

You are allowed to be.

So feel. And be.


And every so often, let your body shake with the torrent of your tears,

Flip a finger with a vicious smile at the keepers of tradition.

You are allowed that, too.

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