Random things about me

1. I must’ve watched “High Fidelity” 100 times.

2. One of my very first poems was the result of a collaborative effort at age 9, with a girl from my class. I provided all the lyrical elements and vivid descriptions. I don’t remember what she did.

3. I love spinach. Don’t ask me why. I just do.

4. Fact: “Friends” never gets old.

5.  Growing up as an awkward, geeky girl wearing horrible 90’s glasses didn’t help much with my love life until age 18. What it did help with in hindsight, was learning how not to give a rat’s behind about what others thought of me.

6. I’m told I can get distracted easily. I don’t even know wh—oh look at that pretty butterfly! Its colors remind me of cotton candy. Hmmm, hungry!! Must remember to buy groceries. Should also maybe swing by the post office to send those letters I’ve been meaning to. Letters … words … novel … I WILL NEVER FINISH THAT DAMN THING!

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