Story a Day in May – Day 5 a.k.a. impromptu prompt

So, today’s prompt was to write a story about a character who’s done something they feel shame for OR a story with 140 characters (the ones we type, not the walking/talking kind).

Seeing as I could neither come up with a good idea for the first prompt, nor reduce a story I wrote to under 30 words (which is what 140 characters would mean) for the second one, I decided to be a non-conformist (once more) and went with a prompt of my own: Write a story of up to 100 words.

So, here you have it (this probably sucks balls, but shhhh, we’ll keep it between us)

P.S. I’ll continue trying to come up with a 140-character story and will post if I am successful.


Oscar Wilde memorial in Dublin
Oscar Wilde memorial in Dublin


She says dreams are for the hopeless.

I say they’re for the hopeful.

She frowns.

I laugh.

She moves out. Marries. Leaves her job.

I travel. Adopt a cat named Einstein.

We meet for coffee.

She drinks her latte in hurried gulps.

She has to be home soon.

She says life is a struggle.

I say it’s a discovery.

She says, you don’t understand.

I say, I do. Life is what you make of it.